5 Reasons We Love Winter

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1) Scarves

Finally! From fall to winter, we can show off our scarf collection. We tell ourselves its because its cold and we need to keep our necks warm but really it's for the sake of having such an easy way to pull our outfits together. It can be bright and eye-catching or neutral. Whatever scarf you choose, it brings a new texture to your outfit. 

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2) A whole lot of leg

...and pants/leggings/tights to wear over them. Winter means no shorts but somehow we're not too sad about that. When there are so many awesome other choices. You could go with the classics - black, purple, gray - or get fierce with our animal prints. If you're really missing your shorts and skirts - no worries. You can get even more fun by layering a skirt or shorts over tights or leggings. We love having these options!



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3) Long, long, sleeves

I think long sleeves are underrated. They can really change a whole outfit's mood. Plus, more fabric means more color and more fun with your outfit!


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4) Coats

Baby it's cold outside so break out your coats. Raincoats,peacoats, faux fur coats...we can't get enough. A coat will really pull together your whole outfit and is the first thing a person will see of your style. So work it girl! Go for something that you really like. Invest in a favorite (or more). Stay warm and stay stylish.

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5) Layers

All of it really leads up to the fact that winter means layers and we LOVE that. Start with the basics and build around that. Go crazy because the best part is that if you start getting too hot you can just peel it off. The fun part is there are so many ways to style your look. 

Cold weather we are SO ready for you!




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