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We wanted to take a moment to introduce Cheyanne Abolt. She represents the essence of Brazil Wear and can be found on Instagram under HappyHealthyExistance

We came to find out that Cheyanne has been battling Cancer and wanted to let her know that we think she is a rock star.  


We spoke with Cheyanne about her journey and here is what she had to say. She loves to practice yoga on the beach and finds that the sounds of the ocean help her focus on that inner breath and life force. She loves EVERY POSE of Yoga and thinks there is a beauty in each one. She says that some of the poses will open you wide and test your strength and others will test your balance. The ones that you think you would hate are really the ones that help you the most, so you have to love them too. 


Relieving stress is something that she has to focus on as she goes through her journey and she finds that Yoga and meditation help her the most. She loves watching the palm trees and the ocean tide as well as all things music. She also intentionally seeks gratitude in every moment. 


It's obvious that she loves the Beach and Yoga. We think that she is rocking some serious lines with our Geovanna Leggings.


Below she is in a CrowPose or CranePose, while wearing our Grafite Geovanna Blocked Leggings. This is her pose for day 2 of the  KickCancerintheAsana yoga challenge!!! I am so incredibly grateful to @beautifulyou_today @thegivingmom and @wildbarefootmagnolia for organizing this challenge to help raise funds for my cancer recovery fund!!


You can find more about Cheyanne's Journey and her recovery fund through her Go Fund Me page.
We are so proud of you Cheyanne and hope that you continue to remain strong and kick cancer's butt!!




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